Being sick at home for the past few days has made me realize that simple things make people happy. For example, some relatives and some colleagues from the office wished me get well soon through Whatsapp and Blackberry Messenger…they made me feel better.

I do not know why these simple things work. However I know for sure that silaturahim is beneficial for humans. I promise to myself. If there are my family members, relatives or colleagues get sick, I will wish them get well soon…either directly or indirectly.

Hope silaturahim makes the world better and better.


Everyone has their own stories

I recenty had team building session. At first I thought it would be an ordinary session that I used to attend. Playing physical and mental game is what I expected initially.

However it turned out to be different. It involved a lot about sharing from staffs. People shared their stories in life.

One thing I learned from my colleagues is some of them have lost their beloved parents. Some of them even lost the parents when they were still young. The loss made them tough, even tough to deal with in daily activities.

The sharing session made me realize that everyone has their own stories that shaped them. I need to know them better. Hopefully they also want to know me better, too. When they act differently than what I expected, I should get rid of prejudice. It would be better to talk the difference and find solution about it 🙂

2-hr Daily Trip

If you think that 2 hr trip is hard to deal with, you are absolutely true. I myself thought that there are so many better things to do than being on the road for 2 hrs.
However when I must take the trip and cannot go away from it, I learned how to deal with it. It would be such a waste to complain about it because your time is limited. It would be better to spend time by doing other things.
Now after months of complaining, I decided to stop complaining the traffic. I think it is kind of stating the obvious if you complain.
Life is too short to be spent complaining 🙂