Calculation vs Gambling (…Ministrial Squad)


Image by slayerphoto via Flickr

Yesterday the no.1 person in the country announced his new line up of ministries. Actually this was reshuffle. There were controversy on the people chosen. Pros and cons also arose due to the appointment of additional vice ministers. The presidential spokeperson explained to media that the additional vice ministers would not add more costs. Their rationales were vice ministers are not members of cabinet. Also they are internal successors. Those reasons cannot justify the statement ‘it will not add more cost.’ By having more vice ministers, it means that the country have to pay more salaries and provide more benefits and perks. It will add more cost.

The political parties in strong significant temporary alliance had made political calculation on how many ministry they get to head. Assignment is just to accomodate parties in the alliance. The party which has less representative in the cabinet due to reshuffle was dissatisfied and threatened to leave the alliance. Boo hoo. Just leave the alliance and make bold action in developing the nation.

Some of the new ministers are politicians instead of professionals. It is believed that the assignment is also to accomodate political parties in the alliance. People question the capability of the politicians in handling governmental matters. No matter how loud people shout, it is prerogative right of the President. People’s voice will not matter. It is just a matter of time. We will see whether they are successful or not.

Our fate is at ironic!

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