Sweat til you drop

Sport Vereniging Fortissimo Cothen - Soccer te...

Image by dirkjankraan.com via Flickr

Working out this morning with my wife is a pleasant experience. Though we just did it at our family room watching the exercise video and trying to imitate what the instructor did, it was still fun 🙂

It made me remember a simple and silly quote from Legally Blond. Elle Woods, the main character of the movie, says that ‘Exercise gives you endorphin. Endorphin makes you happy. Happy people do not kill each other.’ Afterall, it is not silly statement at all. Working out makes people happy.

When I read a newspaper this morning, it told a story how a police officer got hit when he tried to separate two groups of students fighting each other. Poor guy. I say when the students are about to fight, police should force the students to compete in sport events, running in the streets, swimming in the river, martial arts without weaponry, til they are tired and drop 🙂 So the government will not have fuss about athlete development program…

Dear students, don’t fight with each other..the country need You to work with each other

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