Creativity in culinary..yay or nay?

Giada's Risotto

Image by nyxie via Flickr

We are living in this fast pace world where competition is fierce and quicker is better. Being creative is an advantage to survive in this world. Creativity is inevitable in every aspect of our lives.

In culinary world, many people throw their superb ideas to create a dish which never exist before. Some of them are great and some of them are not. However, thanks to them, we are able to try various kinds of food.

Nevertheless, some people take creativity to another level. Their MO is to produce foods at the cheapest price and sell them fast. They use their brightest ideas and energy to do that, in a negative way. For example, to make jelly gooey, they add talcuum powder. They fry plastics to make crispy fried chicken. They put synthetic cloth dye to bean curd to make it looks fresh. They mixed fish with bad and good quality to create fish cakes. They create fake eggs from plastics (can you imagine?) They add drops of dye to produce fantastic looking soya bean milk. They produce formula milk from hazardous ingredient.

Wow! Humans are blessed with their intelligence and survival skills. Too bad that some people do not use the blessings wisely.

For those who exercise that kind of creativity, please remember. What goes from you will come back to you. When you put someone’s life in danger, there might be chances yours will be in danger as well one day. Be wiser!

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