Yelling in Vain

kamogawa toll road

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Today, the Government imposes higher toll road price for several major toll roads in Indonesia. The Government played their old song ‘the price increase is done twice a year aligning with inflation as regulated in the Law.’ As usual, there are many toll road users protesting the price increase. They demand significant quality improvement in infrastructure and service from toll road management.

To be frank, within the last two years, in my opinion, there has been no significant improvement from toll road management. There is always long line of traffic jam everyday. Some bumps can be found in the toll roads which can endanger drivers.

However, we cannot blame solely on the toll road management for the traffic jam in toll road. We notice that the number of cars using toll road is increasing over years. The capacity of toll road cannot handle the cars.

My point here is that for those who protest the price increase, please stop using the toll road. By doing that, the toll road management will see the impact of your protest. If you just complain yet use the toll road, the price will keep increasing over years.

The question is ‘ can we not use the toll road? ‘ Probably not 🙂

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