Moving on..

Change Allley sign

Image by Matt From London via Flickr

When I read a blog of a friend of mine, I thought that this WordPress is kind of neat. It can be accessed through Blackberry, too. Some of you might think that I am not tech savvy enough to know this feature. Yes, you are correct.

Today we need to keep up-to-date with what is going on around us. Life keeps changing. The only constant thing happening around is change. If I am not mistaken, there is a quote saying ‘survivors are not the ones who are strongest, but they are the ones who adapt fastest with change.’

I could not agree more to it. If we are not comfortable with everything around us, then adapt to it. If you have tried and still cannot adapt to it, leave it. Try something new. Find another environment you are suitable with.

It is not easy for sure. Also, it is easier to be said than done. However, we do not want to stuck at something we do not like yet we do not do anything about it. For example, our national sports. Some of us always complain, complain and complain about how poor our national sport teams perform. Yet we do not do anything about it, not any single change. So how can we expect something would turn to be better?

So, move on and do something..make your life merrier:)


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