Calculation vs Gambling (…Ministrial Squad)


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Yesterday the no.1 person in the country announced his new line up of ministries. Actually this was reshuffle. There were controversy on the people chosen. Pros and cons also arose due to the appointment of additional vice ministers. The presidential spokeperson explained to media that the additional vice ministers would not add more costs. Their rationales were vice ministers are not members of cabinet. Also they are internal successors. Those reasons cannot justify the statement ‘it will not add more cost.’ By having more vice ministers, it means that the country have to pay more salaries and provide more benefits and perks. It will add more cost.

The political parties in strong significant temporary alliance had made political calculation on how many ministry they get to head. Assignment is just to accomodate parties in the alliance. The party which has less representative in the cabinet due to reshuffle was dissatisfied and threatened to leave the alliance. Boo hoo. Just leave the alliance and make bold action in developing the nation.

Some of the new ministers are politicians instead of professionals. It is believed that the assignment is also to accomodate political parties in the alliance. People question the capability of the politicians in handling governmental matters. No matter how loud people shout, it is prerogative right of the President. People’s voice will not matter. It is just a matter of time. We will see whether they are successful or not.

Our fate is at ironic!

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Creativity in culinary..yay or nay?

Giada's Risotto

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We are living in this fast pace world where competition is fierce and quicker is better. Being creative is an advantage to survive in this world. Creativity is inevitable in every aspect of our lives.

In culinary world, many people throw their superb ideas to create a dish which never exist before. Some of them are great and some of them are not. However, thanks to them, we are able to try various kinds of food.

Nevertheless, some people take creativity to another level. Their MO is to produce foods at the cheapest price and sell them fast. They use their brightest ideas and energy to do that, in a negative way. For example, to make jelly gooey, they add talcuum powder. They fry plastics to make crispy fried chicken. They put synthetic cloth dye to bean curd to make it looks fresh. They mixed fish with bad and good quality to create fish cakes. They create fake eggs from plastics (can you imagine?) They add drops of dye to produce fantastic looking soya bean milk. They produce formula milk from hazardous ingredient.

Wow! Humans are blessed with their intelligence and survival skills. Too bad that some people do not use the blessings wisely.

For those who exercise that kind of creativity, please remember. What goes from you will come back to you. When you put someone’s life in danger, there might be chances yours will be in danger as well one day. Be wiser!

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Instant Noodle

Hot and Spicy NoodlesThe morning breeze fills up my heart with gladness. Nice hot instant noodle will be a superb food to enjoy.

Speaking of instancy, I notice that many artists whether coming up as a group or solo, get famous unexpected ridiculously. Thanks to social networking media, widespread music variety show and cellphone providers who aggressively promote their ring back tones.

Easy come easy go. A bit of Queen’s lyrics it is. I also see how fast they get famous and disappear.

Let’s take a look at the legendary Indonesian musicians. The late Benyamin S, Franky Sahilatua and Utha Likumahuwa. They sang from their hearts, produced great songs and they did not depend on their looks.

Appearance can be deteriorated. It does not last long. So the musicians who only depend on it, be ready to sunk. Sing from your heart, produce heartwarming songs and do the best you can 🙂

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Sweat til you drop

Sport Vereniging Fortissimo Cothen - Soccer te...

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Working out this morning with my wife is a pleasant experience. Though we just did it at our family room watching the exercise video and trying to imitate what the instructor did, it was still fun 🙂

It made me remember a simple and silly quote from Legally Blond. Elle Woods, the main character of the movie, says that ‘Exercise gives you endorphin. Endorphin makes you happy. Happy people do not kill each other.’ Afterall, it is not silly statement at all. Working out makes people happy.

When I read a newspaper this morning, it told a story how a police officer got hit when he tried to separate two groups of students fighting each other. Poor guy. I say when the students are about to fight, police should force the students to compete in sport events, running in the streets, swimming in the river, martial arts without weaponry, til they are tired and drop 🙂 So the government will not have fuss about athlete development program…

Dear students, don’t fight with each other..the country need You to work with each other

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Yelling in Vain

kamogawa toll road

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Today, the Government imposes higher toll road price for several major toll roads in Indonesia. The Government played their old song ‘the price increase is done twice a year aligning with inflation as regulated in the Law.’ As usual, there are many toll road users protesting the price increase. They demand significant quality improvement in infrastructure and service from toll road management.

To be frank, within the last two years, in my opinion, there has been no significant improvement from toll road management. There is always long line of traffic jam everyday. Some bumps can be found in the toll roads which can endanger drivers.

However, we cannot blame solely on the toll road management for the traffic jam in toll road. We notice that the number of cars using toll road is increasing over years. The capacity of toll road cannot handle the cars.

My point here is that for those who protest the price increase, please stop using the toll road. By doing that, the toll road management will see the impact of your protest. If you just complain yet use the toll road, the price will keep increasing over years.

The question is ‘ can we not use the toll road? ‘ Probably not 🙂

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Moving on..

Change Allley sign

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When I read a blog of a friend of mine, I thought that this WordPress is kind of neat. It can be accessed through Blackberry, too. Some of you might think that I am not tech savvy enough to know this feature. Yes, you are correct.

Today we need to keep up-to-date with what is going on around us. Life keeps changing. The only constant thing happening around is change. If I am not mistaken, there is a quote saying ‘survivors are not the ones who are strongest, but they are the ones who adapt fastest with change.’

I could not agree more to it. If we are not comfortable with everything around us, then adapt to it. If you have tried and still cannot adapt to it, leave it. Try something new. Find another environment you are suitable with.

It is not easy for sure. Also, it is easier to be said than done. However, we do not want to stuck at something we do not like yet we do not do anything about it. For example, our national sports. Some of us always complain, complain and complain about how poor our national sport teams perform. Yet we do not do anything about it, not any single change. So how can we expect something would turn to be better?

So, move on and do something..make your life merrier:)